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Student FAQ

If you are a parent, please visit the parent FAQ; if you are a teacher, please visit the teacher FAQ.

  1. Why can't I do more than X minutes per night?

    Dictionarysquared only works if you pace yourself and use it evenly throughout the week.
  2. My timer is not working! Why doesn't the site count my time correctly?

    You get 100 seconds between each action. If you spend longer than this time, the interim period will not count. Please use dictionarysquared straight through without interruptions.
  3. Sometimes videos are slow or boring, can I skip them?

    We're sorry to hear this. You can; there's a "skip video" link beside the video view window.
  4. Sometimes dictionarysquared freezes. What can I do?

    This is a known bug in Internet Explorer. We recommend using firefox or chrome when using the site.
  5. Why do the snippets repeat sometimes?

    This is a known bug and we're trying to fix it.
  6. Why aren't there games?

    We're working on it; stay tuned...