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Parent FAQ

If you are a student, please visit the student FAQ; if you are a teacher, please visit the teacher FAQ.

  1. What if my son / daughter doesn't have their own email address? Can we still use the program?

    Absolutely. In the admin panel, click "Add Student". In the popup, you can "click here to autogenerate a login" after entering the full name. Keep in mind that the student won't be able to get the full dictionarysquared experience because they won't receive email reminders. We recommend creating a gmail account (it's free) for your son / daughter, and letting them use this email address.
  2. My husband, wife, etc would also like to receive grade reports and be able to investigate our students' usage. Can this be done?

    No problem, dictionarysquared works better when the student is being monitored by different people. In the admin panel, you can add your husband, wife, etc by clicking on "classroom administrator(s)" and then "add a classroom administrator".
  3. How do I change the number of minutes I assign my son / daughter per week?

    In the admin panel, click on "update assignment". At this time, we do not have the ability to change the assignment at the student level, only the class level. If you would like this feature, please tell us by contacting us.
  4. If the assignment is "15 minutes per day, 5 times per week" does that mean my son / daughter really has to use it five days per week and 15 minutes on those days?

    No, the assignment is 75 minutes weekly which can be done at any time during the week. We split it up into minutes per day and days per week because we find it is easier to judge the time commitment realistically when thinking about it in the terms of minutes per day and days per week.
  5. What is the time limit on usage and why is there a limit?

    Your son / daughter is limited to doing three days of the weekly assignment in one sitting. A "sitting" we define as a 12-hour block. For instance, if the assignment is "15 minutes per day" then your son / daughter cannot use the program for more than 45 minutes in any 12-hour span.

    We impose a time limit because the learning is not effective if used in large one-off sessions; we recommend small sittings every day or every other day.

    Note that we do not impose a time limit on reviews or quizzes.
  6. Can I also use the program to improve my vocabulary?

    Absolutely! Parents can use the program for free. In your admin panel, click on "resume test".